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I shed no blood, I shed no tears

I loved a fool and paid in years

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Earthcarver; stoic mountain
Giratina Earthcarver


November 20th, 2020

The Story of Earthcarver

Earthcarver; stoic mountain

The world is wide. Remember the things she told us.

Golden queen of the mountains, sealed away in the dark - they say she's making a horn, a magnificent horn, with which to free the voice caught in the throat of the earth. They say she'll make it from heartrock and her own scales, and when it is made, we will all know the truth of the world.

Sharp Crag hears, and he desires her deeply. She will be his queen now and forever - it is love, and she reciprocates. Twenty-five years to the day, and the horn sits atop a throne in the mountain's belly.

They are a pair made to carve open the world, and make it their own.

That was many thousands of years ago.

December 18th, 2019

In most Pokemon universes, a Legendary is a Pokemon of immense power or rarity. As the name might suggest, they often feature heavily in the mythology of those worlds, whether they are what would be called a "god" or not.

Earthcarver's universe of origin is one not of the Legendaries, but of the Esteemed.

The beings who call themselves the Esteemed are immortal and multipresent. They make their home in an isolated section of the world called "Hidden Land", where time and reality are altered.

The concept most fundamental to the universe of the Esteemed is the name. A name is a single existence in the world - most mortals have one, with a few exalted souls allowed another.

The Esteemed have infinite names.

Earthcarver is Giratina's third name, and her first as a "regular" Pokemon.

Among the Esteemed, the High Shaymin is known to have experienced the most names (thousands spanning the course of history), and Articuno the fewest (only one).

Arceus, who is too far beyond the Esteemed to be able to descend into the world, cannot have names.

Known names:

Esteemed Lords

Timestrider (Celebi) - keeper of forests, warden of magical/supernatural occurrences
Herald (Cresselia) - guardian god of humans
Earth-by-Night (Groudon) - keeper of continents
Sea-by-Night (Kyogre) - keeper of oceans
Sky-by-Night (Rayquaza) - keeper of winds
Timekeeper (Dialga) - guardian of the Temporal Tower

Seven Treasures

Worldheart (Heatran) - keeper of Fiery Drum, first song, god of war, patron of leaders
Earth-by-Day (Groudon) - keeper of Terra Cymbals, second song
Earthcarver (Giratina) - keeper of Rock Horn, third song, god of death, chief collector of souls
Sea-by-Day (Kyogre) - keeper of Aqua-monica, fourth song
Progenitor (Mew) - keeper of Grass Cornet, fifth song, god of life, first psychic
Sky-by-Day (Rayquaza) - keeper of Sky Melodica, sixth song
Melodious (Articuno) - keeper of Icy Flute, seventh song, god of history, culture, and creative works, patron of storytellers

Story and Legend

Wanderer (Shaymin) - (cluster of about two hundred briefly-used names); god of mischief and cleverness/quick-wittedness, patron of nomads
Rose Moon (Cresselia) - taught humans the art of shipbuilding and led them across the ocean to safety

Sun's Bearer (Ho-oh) - god of medicine and healing
White Tempest (Lugia) - god of punishment and justice
Traitor (Darkrai) - the first and fallen Darkrai, source of evil and malice

(list is in progress)

This universe is an AU of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers, inspired and heavily influenced by the handling of mythological elements and divinity in Diane Duane's Young Wizards series.

July 8th, 2011


Eyes Upon the Watcher; ghostmother

~You're dead!~

how does this make you feel

June 27th, 2011

PD event - Dungeons Info

Earthcarver; stoic mountain

Mystery Dungeons are strange places where the fabric of reality becomes wrinkled, creating an ever-shifting space that repeats itself for a certain amount of time. Wild Pokemon live in these places, as they are difficult for outsiders to navigate and can draw in prey while keeping their homes safe from intruders. They are rather dangerous places, filled with traps and hazards, but many dungeons have had treasure stashed in their deepest points long ago.

Explorers are Pokemon who brave the dungeons in search of these precious items and amazing sights, seeking adventure and wonder in some of the most awe-inspiring places that nature and Pokemon have created.

Dungeons are made up of "floors", or systems of tunnels and chambers that rearrange themselves periodically. Explorers seek out stable points in the dungeon where they can move from one floor to another, working through the number of shifts required to reach a dungeon's endpoint. These stable points are often marked by stair-shaped statues, carved by Pokemon to mark the places where one can figuratively descend deeper into the dungeon.

Some dungeons have traps set up in the wider, rectangular chambers, which have various effects.

Pokemon recover HP gradually while walking through dungeons.

Make sure to not get too hungry in a dungeon! If a Pokemon becomes famished, their HP will drop one point for every step they take! Eat food items such as Apples to keep your Belly full.

- Oran Berry : Restores a lot of HP.
- Cheri Berry : Cures Paralysis.
- Chesto Berry : Cures Sleep.
- Pecha Berry : Cures Poison.
- Rawst Berry : Cures Burns.
- Aspear Berry : Cures Freezing.
- Heal Seed : Cures all status ailments.
- Reviver Seed : Automatically cures a Pokemon that faints, then turns into a Plain Seed.
- Plain Seed : Does nothing, but fills the Belly a little.
- Apple : Fills the Belly by about half.
- Big Apple : Fills the Belly fully.
- Gummis : Raise a Pokemon's IQ, enabling them to use IQ Skills.
- Iron Thorn/Silver Spike/Stick : Items that can be thrown in a straight line to hit the enemy.
- Geo Pebble/Gravelerock : Items that can be thrown to explode upon hitting an enemy.

List of Wonder Orbs
List of scarves
List of glasses
List of Seeds
List of throwing items

June 25th, 2011

PD event - Teams

Earthcarver; stoic mountain
Team Magma : pyroobsessed (Larvesta) + wishtobebetter (Slugma)

Team Hex : flopfrown (Lampent) + smilesandsteel (Frillish)

Team ??? : falseintent (Tynamo) + future_prof (Machop)

Team ??? : eternallyvivid (Carnivine) + acro_mach (Taillow)

Team ??? : loveliestwish (Mawile) + cutofthesky (Skarmory)

Team Baby Boom : stalkerwithacap (Roselia) + onesymbolshort (Audino)

Team ??? : aquaboss (Carvanha) + exileforfreedom (Lapras)

Team ??? : millennialtrial (Tyrogue) + lostmillennium (Growlithe)

Team ??? : shoujospirit (Clefairy) + itsawhitedawn (Pignite)

Team ??? : sans_eyepatch (Deino) + faithfulassist (Munchlax)

Team ??? : failsathealthy (Ducklett) + lockedtrainer (Castform)

Team ??? : silencedtrainer (Riolu) + bittytsun (Sneasel)

Team ??? : lovesdefense (Shieldon) + fetchinghat fetching_hat   (Absol)

Team ??? : ihearsamenoises (Purrloin) + onthecontraire (Glameow)

Team Wings : ringsclear (Natu) + thievingfae (Clefairy)

Team ??? : kel_zekrom (Farfetch'd) + beautyburning (Vulpix)

Team ??? : allyostrays (Meowth) + cocoabro (Scraggy)

Team Orchard : brbtraining (Ivysaur) + healing_yellow (Deerling)

Team ??? : mischiefbreeder (Aipom) + greatbantam (Skitty)

Team Victory : tsuuuun (Murkrow) + wildconqueror (Poochyena)

Team Glam : chickendebt (Ponyta) + greenorbust (Buneary)

Team ??? : unlockeing (Lapras) + genetikitty (Eevee)

Team Sandstorm : of_the_land (Krokorok) + mute_two (Cubone)

Team Bowtie : hark_a_suicune (Psyduck) + droppedballs (Voltorb)

Team ZZZ : lostundreamer (Munna) + wishedtobeclose (Abra)

Team Melody: wished4forever (Clefairy) + be_my_sacrifice (Maractus)

Team ??? : illusion_ruler (Zorua) + icanhazdatbolt (Shinx)

Team ??? : expbunny (Audino) + luvamutt (Lillipup)

Team ??? : tintedspring (Ivysaur) + 4thegoodofnone (Tropius)

Team ??? : 2ndworststarter (Weedle) + usesdig (Cranidos)

Team ??? : savedover (Vulpix) + nintentrainer (Shroomish)

Team ??? : nomorestrays (Houndour) + flockingjustice (Hoothoot)

Team ☺~Yay : typeless (Mienfoo) + subwayklutz (Minccino)

Team ??? : leaguechallenge (Pikachu) + perpetuallyten (Gastly)

Team ??? : notwithouta (Sentret) + awesome_trainer (Turtwig)

Team ??? : theylookedaway (Nidoran) + bellfire_bird (Doduo)

Team ??? : battlestandby (Teddiursa) + herebesparkles (Dratini)

Team ??? : lunardancing (Misdreavus) + gastlybusting (Shuppet)

Team Strudel : usedellipses (Bidoof) + drittegewurz (Panpour)

June 19th, 2011

pmd event stuff

Earthcarver; stoic mountain

((IC/OOC NOTE: The segments of the descriptions in italics are not on the sheet that characters see.))

1 - Little Hill : BEGINNER DIFFICULTY : A grassy burrow under a small hill where meadow Pokemon live. No weather, 3 floors. Treasure: a bag of assorted Gummis. A short, easy dungeon for beginners.

2 - Carved Crag : EASY DIFFICULTY : A harsh, rocky cliff on Pivot Mountain, fraught with Rock- and Flying-type Pokemon. No weather, 8 floors. Boss: a loud and obnoxious Skarmory that attacks recklessly and is easily defeated with normal attacks. Treasure: Any two Scarves.

3 - Dry Dunes : EASY DIFFICULTY : A sandy maze full of desert Pokemon. Has Monster Houses. Sandstorm weather, 10 floors. Boss: a mob of Sandslash that rolls around to attack, but can be unrolled and made vulnerable with stunning or wide-ranged attacks. Treasure: A bag of 7 random Orbs.

4 - Spiral Chasm : MEDIUM DIFFICULTY : A cave leading deep into the earth. Very dark, has Monster Houses. No weather, 10 floors. Boss: a Crobat who evades attacks by darting in and out of the shadows - light up the cave or use sound attacks to break his technique. Treasure: Lost Loot and random items.

5 - Tidal Cove : MEDIUM DIFFICULTY : A marine cave with water routes and rocky ledges. No weather, 12 floors. Boss: a greedy Tentacruel that reaches out to steal items before they can be used. Treasure: Lost Loot and random items.

6 - Bramble Grove : MEDIUM DIFFICULTY : A thick forest inhabited by Bug-type Pokemon, where the only road onward is up into the canopy. No weather, 10 floors. Boss: a Scyther who strikes from the thick foliage - you'll have to cause some massive collateral damage to get past him. Treasure: Lost Loot and random items.

7 - Clarion Plateau : HARD DIFFICULTY : A sun-baked maze in Azimuth Plain where Fire-types run wild, scorching the ground. Has traps and Monster Houses. Strong sunlight, 16 floors. Treasure: Lost Loot, random items, and Golden Seeds....or the opportunity to see a Time Gear.

8 - Dismal Cave : HARD DIFFICULTY : A zero-visibility cavern in the Umbra Caves, filled with Dark- and Ghost-type Pokemon...and, if you let your imagination run wild, some more frightening presences. Has traps and Monster Houses. Thick fog, 16 floors. Treasure: Lost Loot, random items, and Golden Seeds....or the opportunity to see a Time Gear.

9 -  Drizzle Ruins : HARD DIFFICULTY : A rain-drenched labyrinth in the heart of the Aurora Forest where jungle Pokemon dance to summon storms. Has traps and Monster Houses. Heavy rain, 16 floors. Treasure: Lost Loot, random items, and Golden Seeds....or the opportunity to see a Time Gear.

10 - Whiteout Road : HARD DIFFICULTY : A path to the peak of a snow-capped mountain, where mischievous Ice-type Pokemon ambush explorers. Has traps and Monster Houses. Hailstorm, 16 floors. Treasure: Lost Loot, random items, and Golden Seeds....or the opportunity to see a Time Gear.

11 - Distortion Tunnel : INSANE DIFFICULTY : ...?
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